Thursday, 20 July 2017

Musings on a wedding happening soon

Marriage is treated as a concept from the past. Its become a watered down version to commitment to many with divorce preparations as part of the wedding plan.

My son is getting married and I am damn proud. I'm as pleased as punch that he has 'stepped up' and decided to make that forever after commitment. I'm even more pleased that he is deeply in love with his wife to be and ready to make it work forever after.

At this point, I'm taking as much kudos and 'back-slapping' for raising my son right. Hell yes! He is a great son and an even better man. He has developed a strong back bone and excellent work ethic when it comes to taking care of his family. He is humble and sincere in his dedication to us all, and God sure blessed me when I decided to have him. I have no regrets, and would have him the same way, in the same circumstances, because he is who he is because of all we have been through.

My heart is a bit sad though because now someone else will be his main focus and I am not quite ready for the changes to come. Nevertheless, I am confident that my son will make his wife an excellent husband. He won't be perfect, but he will be the very best he can be, and that's a lot more than most men in this world. I'm his mum and I'm allowed to be biased!

When we raise our children, there is that hope that they will become people of commitment and good purpose, at least that is how I imagine most mums think. Being a mum is much harder than being most things, and its the only role where the outcome is not based on what we do but the way our children make their choices. We are happy once they are happy.

I prayed for this day, and now it is here, I am grateful to see him walk towards his next chapter, and wave me towards my own.

Children are a blessing, and I have been blessed abundantly to be a mum.

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