Monday, 28 November 2016

Just Thinking out loud - Control

Random Thoughts

Blogging has been for me, a way to share as much as I know with the rest of the world. These are my thoughts and examples from my own experiences, so I guess you can say - Dwordslayer shares a real person!

There are days I need encouragement to read, and then there are moments when comforting, interaction exchanges matter. Right now, at this very moment, my 'happy' wants to jump out, but its being held by somethings I can't fully control. Today, I'd like to talk about the things which I can't control and how blogging has helped me get to this point of healing a broken body.

Musical mind

There is a song for every feeling. Every mood and nuance of life has rhythm. Just imagine how you feel when you're excited and listen to the matching sound which fills you at the thought. I can feel a dose of Salsa filling me with excitement, and immediately it reflects my feelings. (Conga - Gloria Estefan)

Now imagine, fear, sadness and pain. For me there are so many love songs about a 'love gone wrong', its like a selection fiesta, but the melody I choose, will make me feel at peace. I have practiced feeling( the beats/rhythm) songs of peace for emotions which can make me unhappy or feel fear. We are drawn to it because of our moods, and the desire for a companion in emotions. ( In the Arms of an Angel - Sarah McLachlan)

Lets now look at the pressure of challenges. I need a song to motivate and I've got a 'cloud of  encouragement' filled with gospel and relatable inspirational songs collected over the years. Have you ever listened to "The Climb" by Miley Cyrus, if not please check it out.

Then of course there are my happy songs, full of energy and though some are not super upbeat , they can take me to a place of fulfillment like no other. I spend a lot of time in this zone, because its my choice.( Party Rock Anthem-LMFAO)

Its out of my control

I can't control the weather. It will rain like an ocean overflowing when I least expect it. The sun will be blisteringly hot, and I will be wishing for rain. Then when its humid I will be wishing for a less sticky atmosphere and be hoping a breezy wind will stop by. Whatever happens with the weather, I don't get to decide how the day will be. I get to prepare for it sometimes, and I get to experience it. I can choose to gripe, or enjoy the benefits of each weather. In the Caribbean I wish for snow, because its , in my opinion, the hugging weather!

Everyone has a different opinion of me, and some thoughts may make me run for cover if uncovered! In the USA election which just ended, I was really hoping the other candidate won. Neither candidate was loved by everyone. Everyone was influenced by information which tipped a scale based of their needs and personal convictions. Its gotten crazy, but if the tables are turned someone will be unhappy. Thus, political outcomes, I cannot control, but voting gives a contributing stake in the outcome if I were a citizen. This is life, and a democracy at work. I hope more persons can be mobilized, for a different outcome the next time it comes around. We cannot control the thoughts of others but can influence, and that's much better than being around 'remote control humans'.

I can't control an accident, or the effects of it. I can control the process of healing and while the outcomes may not meet my expectations, I can mange my expectations to be fair to myself. Some of you may relate to this. It is one of those 'out of control ' things which can make one feel frustrated, anxious, and even angry with oneself and others. Yes, its easy to say it will get better, and even live the words, of hope. My truth is not textbook. My truth is a bunch of DNA's mixed with age and some other stuff, which make me unique. We all are unique. I could not stop the accident, but I can take control of my outcome, and you can also.

Its in my control

I can smile, laugh, feel happy, cry, and be the best woman in some crazy situations which makes me happy. Blogging and wearing my heart on my sleeve has been one of the best remedies, in my opinion. I'm sharpening my skills and sharing to the world, and getting to rest at the same time. Social media, has given me the control confidence with technology needed to expand the horizons of delivery of my capabilities. Maybe, somethings are out of our control, but every one of us was born with the capacity to have 'self' under control of 'self'.

This is just the beginning. Face the fear, and face the future. You are your own super- control freak. Its your God given ability, and moment of truth.

You Made A Way - Travis Greene

I did start writing this early last week, so its being published a bit late, or maybe its perfectly timed for you - my friend, my family, my online world of bees and social media kin!

I'm sending a huge shout out to the Bebee community of  Ambassador Bees, Blogger Bees and everyone who has missed me, and sent me a note. I sure miss You & Me. It's an experience of emotions and passions which results in a Social Media Experience.

I got You Babe - UB40

The week has begun... Woooooo!!!

Thanks for reading, commenting and sharing!


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You Made A Way- Travis Greene:The comfort zone entertainment
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