Saturday, 12 November 2016

Another Milestone...

To all my readers and followers...
I've been off  for a while. Had not written, and though I tried to keep up with my reading, the challenges seemed to block even the thing I love so very much - writing and sharing with my global audience.
I have quite a bit to publish over the next month. Seems I'm slower than usual, but this 'wordslayer 'is a fighter, a warrior, and I will keep pressing forward!

It's been a long four weeks.

Time has passed and so too the challenges which came during the time. Challenges come into our lives to prove us, and not to harm us. Yes, there are moments when it seems the climb up the mountain of life is steep, but looking back it was quite flat - it was the perception of my capabilities which needed to be changed. Change does not come from simply saying positive things - but that is a start. It comes from every action taken, moving closer to the challenge and away from the fear.

Today, I pray that we can all heed the call of the challenge, because the reward is the strength gained from that opportunity!

Be blessed and encouraged...

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