Tuesday, 29 November 2016

He keeps coming back: Mr. Grinch

Its that time of the year again.

Yes, its the season I love the most of all each and every year. Its the celebration of the birth of Jesus Christ by way of a special date of memorial. As with everything else in the world, commercialism has indeed taken a hold of festivities and with it a new symbol. The symbol I'm, sharing with you is non-other than Mr. Grinch.
Last year I wrote a poem about him and how he comes to 'mess with' my happy season.

Catching Mr. Grinch

That Grinch tried to steal my Christmas,
Last year he did not win
My sister came to visit
And kicked him in the shin
He must really like the torture, of trying his disguise on me
He thought I would not but yes I did
Finally he saw my Christmas tree

Mr. Grinch by now I hoped you’d see this worthy adversary
Will not depart, nor change her heart
Each season I will be merry
Your spoils of unhappiness must be really low
For this next attempt you make
Forget finance
Forget romance
But never my Christmas spirit you’ll take

Grinchy boy maybe I was feeling sorry
And gave you the ‘come hither‘ eye
Sorry I need to tell you, that’s just a part of my Christmas disguise
Wrapped in all my troubles
And bills piled so high
I can see why you were in your glee
My door is never open to you  - sour grapes
That’s a fools thought if you felt happy

Grinch dearie  please don’t look my way
My smiles are turned on very brightly
The stars in the sky
Can’t tell the days which go by
You are a nightmare that will make me feel sorry

Scroogy Grinch, you are so adorable
The way you make me remember all I do not have
You can fill a moment with sorrow
Casting shadows which make me sad
But I put up my Christmas tree today
Just for you to see
Whatever you do, will only hurt you
This Christmas it’s not about me!

I will be spreading joy
 Making everyone laugh
Singing carols, telling stories
No one will be sad
I’m on a mission to spread happiness
Those great feelings of good cheer
And I’ll even share a wish for you this Christmas
That you don’t come back next year! 

I do hope this time of the year brings everyone much joy and family time! Thanks for reading, sharing, and expressing your joy for the season and life!

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