Friday, 1 June 2018

Racism v Vulgarity

The Ugly Truth

After reading a few articles and declining to read some more of the world headlines facing me today, I've come to the conclusion, that the world is really in a mess. Let me rephrase; many people in the USA are in a mess - morally, socially, spiritually, humanely. That about sums up my position on racism v vulgarity. 
The fact that this can even be a topic of consideration underscores that sensationalism has taken over the more pressing need to solve world hunger crisis, terrorism control, species extinction, hurricane disasters, refugee crisis, human trafficking, global racism and gender biases, and the list goes on. 
Twitter has become the tool of many folks who want an excuse to say what they want , when they want and yell "free speech" is our right. Thats a lot of 'bull and poppycock' if you ask me. Things are getting out of hand and while I would like to lay the blame squarely of the not so strong shoulders of the USA president, this is not about him but about 'we the people' and responsible behaviour. While I do not support the downward moral and social spiral of the USA into the relms of dominant racial society, it is the people who make up a country, and the people who get to steer it to the ethically and morally acceptable place it will reside.
The bigger picture is facing the picture that the USA is a victim of its own making and maybe its national anthem. The anthem is at loggerheads with the society, and the people are sharply divided, between 'racism & vulgarity verses something else'. I'm not sure what that something else is, but I think that there are people who really desire an all inclusive society, courageous bravery, and a love for humanity.
The religious fractions are not able to stand on any moral ground, being now persuaded by power and their own delusional beliefs in trying to bring 'the rapture' and 'the end times ' to present times. Just look at these people of faith who twist and turn the words of the holy bible towards their struggle to control the present and the future. Forgetting, that the God of heaven and earth stated that 'no man will know the hour or time when he returns'. Yes, ye of little faith - the religious leaders of the evangelical, pentecostal and other 'christian religions. Thankfully, not all christians will believe the greedy words of these morally decrepit con-artists. Forgive them Father for they have sinned - wanting a few aeroplanes, yatchs, Louis Vuitton, mansions, and so much more wealth that sinful is too soft a word to describe their 'material debauchery'. 
Racism will never be good or acceptable. However, once there are people who desire freedom of speech, and freedom of choice, there will be folks who choose to be racially prejudiced. You cannot give full freedom and then decide its going to be free based on one point of view - and that is really left to interpretation. The world is seeing and feeling the effects of 'freedom'. So now, I must ask - do we really want everyone to be free to choose what they want because what everyone wants as  beliefs can differ. Maybe it should be  'conditional freedom' of choices based on laws of a freely conditional society. You see, the scales of a legal society must be free to all and not some.

When President Bill Clinton was fulfilling his term, he was considered a good man and leader until he got caught with his lifestyle choice. Otherwise he was pretty good, and had a good wife. He was made to publicly attone for his sins, and the religious fraction weighed in and persecuted him. Then came Barrack Obama many years later, and a big part of him as the president and leader had nothing to do with his exceptional leadership skills, but was because he could not be found to have any apparent sin which the public could hold against him - well, nothing can compete with the color of his ebony black skin. The birther and race issues were raised, and though the birther lie was given life, his skin color was a torn in the side of those with racial bias.
Thus the floor is now set to broach vulgarity, and the liberty many people of power wield. An actor can act many roles however a president of a country is not acting when taking office. The state of affairs in the USA is beyond absurd as law and order is different based on race, gender, political affiliation, religious beliefs, social status and ethics of compromise. When thinking about vulgarity there is one rule for the leaders and another for the commoners. Much can be said on this, however, the sadder point to note is the fall from any position of grace. Civil war is imminent, if its not already bubbling. In fact there is not much difference between Venezuela and USA right now, except one is further along the downward spiral than the other. 
So as I ponder racism v vulgarity, both are bad, therefore choosing one is choosing the lesser of both evils yet in a pristine white mausoleum in the capital city of Washington DC, USA,  lives a ruler with both racism and vulgarity as core attributes and it is acceptable once he resides there, based of the color of his skin. The society is the face of the leader - like it or hate it - when the people choose, who they are is reflected. 
There is hope though for those  who feel wronged by the results, and wish to lobby for change. Good always prevails, but it takes hard work, great strategy and a whole lot of faith.
Quite interesting times. Just something to think about!
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