Monday, 11 June 2018

Sharing that not so good review!

Giving the reviews...

What do you do when you want to leave a realistic honest review but know the other side won't take it well? 

In the past I would never be afraid about sharing a review which is negative, however we live in a society where less than positive reviews are frowned upon. Everyone's opinion is just that... an opinion. If the experience one had is negative, should that review not be shared? 

There is a saying I've developed over the years, "If himself tells himself he is good, then he is good in his vision and his reality is himself!". From political, social, religious, and even personal perceptions, growth can only be exponential if the views and others are considered. It does not mean we must change to suit others, but simply means everyone is not receiving what we think we are giving. There is also the perspective that coming out of differences we can learn and improve.
I recall at an office party for an outgoing manager the Ceo advised, the manager would ask every couple months for an informal review. He asked for specific feedback on areas where he fell short and could improve. Whatever the feedback - and it was not good on many occassions - he accepted it , thanked his boss and worked on improving and sharing evidence that the feedback was important to him. When he was leaving she shared on her own learnings from those sessions and her growth gained from those interactions. He also advised in his comments to the Ceo and crowd afterwards, that he could find no other way of making changes for improving himself and his team without feedback - and using its critical assessment of where he was at each junction of his career. 

The reality is 'keeping it real or real talk' is simply just talk if we only wish to hear the positive things and not the areas of disagreements. 

When sharing reviews if the negative things need highlighting don't cover them up with positives. Share thoughtful opinions clearly and then acknowledge the positive things done. As a society, and a world people, we have become quite thin-skinned, and this can slow progress.
Just something to think about!

Be blessed and encouraged.

Thank you for reading, sharing and expressing your thoughts , you are greatly appreciated!

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