Tuesday, 14 March 2017

Standing Rock Sioux- Another Stain on the USA

Some Thoughts…

I’ve been following the news for quite some time and hoped there would be a different ending for, the Sioux tribe reservation in Standing Rock, North- south Dakota border, USA.  That was not the case. Sometimes the fire we feel within for good to prevail over evil gets a beating. This is one of those occasions when I’m really wishing and praying for a miracle. Is oil more important than water? Is oil so important that sacred burial lands can be seized to profit the interests of the new USA president and big businesses?

I was reading an article by a writer published on Medium, which I seem to do quite a bit these days and my comment on his article was as follows;

"When the rich destroy the earth.

Standing Rock Sioux will now forever be a stain on the USA government 2017. Big business wins and a president with friends and an interest in the project moving forward has ensured he seeks the interest of self before nation. The grabbing of lands which belonged to the American Indians indigenous people was a fight many hoped would be won by the owners of the land. A burial ground holds a sovereign right for its people. When there is even less clean water in this nation and a rich heritage is lost by money grabbing businessmen, karma will step in and history will really be told. This will be another trump legacy."

( In response to the article The True Story Of How Standing Rock Fell by Marty Skovlund,Jr  published on Medium :ExtraNewsfeed )

*** Hope you will check out the article.

Its been pretty hard to write recently. I think my supply of angry writing is diminished. I’m trying to find the silver lining on many things and coming up short. What I can say is we cannot allow the negative things to become so magnified in our world that they outshine the good that is still presently taking place. This will be my mantra when I read articles which ache my heart, and I do hope you can find something which works with you also.

Life is simple, but greed makes it difficult.

Indeed it is a changing world.

What happens in the world around us impacts on us all. The environment needs supporters, so join with me and lets do more than listen. Lets ensure our voices are heard.
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