Monday, 12 December 2016

Random Thoughts & The News

The face of news

The blogging world is like a parallel universe. It is a mixture of people, cultures, beliefs, religions, and a social cook-up of platforms for any type of diversity. The past year plus, has been a virtual world, filled with learning, technological experience being gained, and relationships, started, lost, and evolved based on commonalities. This is the way of the world.

I've gained some friends who are quite skilled at their craft and blogging and are more than happy to help others. I've explored through articles, countries I've always wanted to visit, and shared tears and laughter as we discuss world events. What makes this year remarkable, is, I have learnt more about me than I would have, if I had not been blogging. The experiences, observations and thoughts are real, and with sharing something real comes responsibility. One must own their words and sometimes the effect of their words on others. We can influence, either positively or negatively. It is the power of the written word.

The media worldwide on all types of platforms has been taking a beating for accurate and inaccurate reporting. I do wonder though how many of us are responsible for inaccurately sharing what we know to be false, or what we feel is from a compromised source? The news is available, and though technology takes it anywhere fast, we are the ones that input the data.

Who we are when we close our eyes is the same person as the one with them open. Our words have power, thus the weight of responsibility should weigh more than nothing!

Some random thoughts for your consideration.


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