Thursday, 1 December 2016

Just Thinking Out Loud: Life with Me is a Limited Time Edition!


In clearing the drafts in my email something popped up, "life with me is a limited time edition." So, here I go wondering where that line came from and saw it was from me - smile! I just have to smile at that cocky line which would have come about from somewhere unknown right now. If a thought comes to me I've been making notes on the 'notes app'  on my mobile or in my email drafts. Sometimes I go back and continue, or, the words can be left behind along with the memory of why it came to light.

Writing can be a lot of fun when you pull everything together and a post or article is the finished product. When its incomplete if there is a residual remainder, the tale may never make it to the eyes of others. This brings me to some random thoughts on ending the year in a state of completeness.

Is it necessary to complete?

"To complete is to finish, making that which was started whole or brought to an end. Nothing more can be added, and even if something could be added, the time has run out."(Eversley,2016

I am ending this year in a state of incompleteness (my non word). For the rest of my life I do not wish to be complete. I do not wish to find myself at the end of the road, but rather to keep adding and changing the person I am and the way I live. Yes. This is continuous improvement and personal development!

Life with me is a limited time edition because my time on this earth is limited. I want to end studying at the end of my life. I desire to stop loving everyone I care for at the end of my existence. I desire to keep working, inspiring, inventing, creating, when all of me has completed my circle of life. The way I choose to offer my services will always be improving because it will not have an ending on my ability. Who I am and my circumstances, will always change because they are not stagnant - this is my mantra for the end of this year and the upcoming new year.

Let me be incomplete because I am not absolutely perfect - simply aspiring for all the perfect opportunities to meet my imperfection, and together we will successfully complete our moment's mission.

Life is a paradox of balance. We would do well to embrace its completeness.

Just thinking out loud...

Thanks for reading, sharing your thoughts with me, your circle of friends and followers.

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