Thursday, 5 May 2016

When The Sun Stops Shining...

Finding Sun…

The only perfection is in the one who created us. He made us and perfectly formed us giving us all a ‘free will’ to make decisions and choose. Yes, we are the ones who decide where we go, and what we will do on this journey called life.
I’m going to pull this one from very deep within, as I seek to share with you a place of peace and reassurance. The road gets rough sometimes, and we still need to get a ‘move on it’ and live, achieve and accomplish. 
What do you do when life feels like the sun has stopped shining, and the cloudy skies empty a downpour of continuous rain? What happens when you get to the point of frustration, when clinging to hope seems in vain?
Well, today is the day you get to let the sun out if it’s not shining in your life. It’s also the day; you get to share your sunlight with someone who is having a cloudy day! It is important to know that you hold sunshine which you can draw on, and you can also share some light with someone who needs the warmth of the sun’s rays!

Reflection: Smile

I recall a day a few years ago when one of my employees advised his mother had cancer. He was having a tough time, because she was going through the stages of being in and out of the hospital. He came to work, never missing a day, but the light within him looked cloudy. It was a new project for me, so he did not know me well, but had previously trusted me to resolve a conflict involving him. Drawing him aside, I discovered he was shouldering the weight of his world and her imminent death. From that moment, I got to know him, his mom and his family more. I visited her, and got to understand a bit more about her role in the lives of her children, and her life. She was amazing. As the days approached and she got closer to leaving this world, her comfort was important as was his comfort. As couple days before she died, I visited with her kids, and asked the nurse, “What can we do to make her comfortable?” The nurse advised, “she is in pain, but make her smile, make her happy..” So at 10:00am that morning in a ward filled with patients and visitors, I turned my mobile on to YouTube and started to sing ‘I Smile by Kirk Franklin” … “I smile, even though it hurts, see I smile, I know God is working so I smile, even though I’ve been there for a while I smile…” and for a few minutes, she smiled, and moved her fingers, in sync with song. I even did a waltz with her youngest son, and she smiled. I visited her again the next day, but she was not aware, simply filled with pain. She died two days later.

Your sun

When the sun stops shining in your life for a moment and you are overcast with clouds, pull out your sun. When someone you don’t know very well is filled with cloudy feelings and showers bring on the sun! Having something to draw on means being filled with something inspiring which you have experienced. The experience will be drawn from something which is bigger than the problems and challenges of today.
Life may not be a bed of roses every day, but you have to let the sun in daily. The sun radiates an abundance of heat, light and warmth, so we need to catch some, and store it, for the cloudy days.
I just pulled out my sun, because those showers seem to be falling a lot, and the cloudy skies are hoovering. Suddenly, it feels quite good, and I’m sharing my sun with you.
Be inspired!
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