A Meadow Of Grace


The grassy bed up on the hill.

Was a place to escape

For my daily thrill.

To go outside away from it all

Was my secret place

With everyone around.

The space alone was under a tree,

With only the lizards to bother me.

You can see the grotto,

Where the priests would pray.

It was a sanctuary,

A place I wanted to stay.

You can call it a meadow, because of the ground

It’s what comes to mind if meadows are to be found.

Yet still if I consider

My Scottish retreat many years ago,

I walked through some meadows,

And never wanted to go home.

The air was very different, from my tropical breeze,

The birds and the sky seemed to envelope me.

Every moment I was able to run wild and free,

Was a moment I rejoiced for the blessing from Thee.

Blessed beyond measure, to discover another secret place,

Made for me by Jesus, 

a meadow of grace.



Inspired by a prompt from Eugi’s Causerie .

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  1. A lovely poem so gracefully written, Donna-Luisa! Thank you for joining in.

  2. How wonderful to have that memory of a beautiful place.
    Whenever you need an escape from the ordinary - but then I think nature is full of so much that is unique :D

    (Jules from WP & Eugi's prompts)


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