You are Entitled to Happiness

You are entitled to Your happiness!

Yes, that's right, you actually own the rights to your happiness. You have a choice every day, to wake up and smile.

You can be happy at the beginning of the day, and during the day, and yes, before you go to sleep, it’s okay to be happy.

During this year 2020, the world has fallen to its knees. Everyone, in all countries of the world are focused on something we have no control over.

The Coronavirus Covid_19 has become a common denominator in conversations. It’s the one thing we can agree matters to most of us, and our families. It has become of source of fear, a sense of dread, and even a mood of hope. In the darkest moments we can find hope.

The Fear is based on what we don’t know, and because there seems to be a lot of certainty surrounding a cure. While the World Health Organization (WHO) has given general and basic guidelines for global management, it’s the managing or lack thereof which triggers fear.

The sense of dread is really associated with the doom factor. ‘If I get it…’, or ‘If my family gets it…’ and even ‘If my income is lost…’  what happens. That is a big what if, which, if you are unfamiliar with scenario planning can send perceptions all over the place. We take comfort in the consistent things that are predictable, and which we have established as routine. For now, though, that on edge feeling comes from the news, the deaths, just seeing folks in masks, and anxiety built up which has no productive release.

A mood of hope is possible and can be created when you find the ‘silver lining’ in the uncertainty. You family and friends are looking at you now. There is time to see each other, eat together, and be together. Cultivating hope is not something anyone but you can do. Set the seeds of hope through encouraging words and kind actions. Be slow to raise your voice or vent angrily, and swift to praise and share a positive message. When the food is less, let your appreciation be more for what you have.

You are entitled to your happiness every single day, and if unclaimed, no one gets its, and its lost. The riches of happiness are not in work and shopping for material things. Happiness is rich in peace, gratitude, joy, kindness, appreciation, giving, loving and living.

Take what is yours and be happy today.



Main Photo Credit: by Noah Silliman on Unsplash

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