The Mommy Moment

I am so thankful for today. Indeed it is a privilage and honor to pray, believe and receive the blessing of life. Today my daughter turned 21. Yes, this day has come and the level of gratitude and joy felt is immense.

Sure when we are pregnant and have our baby, that little life is entrusted to us for a period of time, belonging really to our creator, Jesus Christ. The way life begins and blossoms is amazing. Change is ongoing, as well as innovation and creativity. Every human being is different, and that uniqueness is innovative, creative and a real miracle.

I'm not sure how many  of you may have had the experience of nurturing another from a tender age, with an opportunity to see the growth happening right before your eyes. My niece just a week ago turned 25 years old and remarked that she is a quarter of a century, and suddenly I'm looking at my 'almost half a century' in a different light.

The little things don't seem to matter anymore and the other little things matter more. We spend so much of our lives chasing dreams and goals, eager for tomorrow that many times we miss today. When we pass the milestones do we even realise we just moved past that which will never be seen or discovered again?

I've been waiting for this moment and now I'm reflecting and wishing I had more of the baby time with my babies, the toddler times with my toddlers and yes, more of those teenage years. I can almost smell the baby powder, and the first scent of alcohol they tried to hide. This is a real mommy moment, and a call to action moment.

We can plant the seeds, nurture and give water, food and shade. Then we prune and move to a bigger pot, but at some point they must be planted in the ground and allowed to live sourcing their nutrients, as they were designed to do. The rains will come, the sun will bear down on them but they will stand firm on that soild ground of learning and knowledge they acquired under our wings.

So as many have done this before me, now I must follow, letting the plant, my baby, get into the ground and gow!

Just thinking out loud once more!!!

Thank you for reading, sharing your thoughts and just being present!

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