Monday, 5 June 2017

To Manchester and the world ...with love

Unity not fear!

" To allow extremists to take over our feelings and lives is to give them power. The behavior of the USA President does that. Extremists and people like that want to rule through terror. As a world people we are sad, devestated and inconsolably sorry for those who lost love ones. To be judged by someone who is afraid of terrorists, is not good, however to give their fear power is foolhardy."
(quote from Dwordslayer 4/6/2017)

I cried as I read and watched Ariana Grande's performance benefit for the victims of the  horrific bombing at her concert recently.
As I lay on my bed, my thoughts flew to the families experiencing loss, and felt loss for them.
Hate brews hate. Hate brews war. Leaders who are autocratic and dictatorial, who push the boundaries of fear and division should never be made acceptable by allowing their rule. I feel this strongly.

These haters are few, yet they are encouraged by their power and twisted religious beliefs of Islam. Some are fueled by power and greed not religion. They are not many but the fear they encourage, perpetuate and instill are far reaching. Do we bow to the fear or stand up to it? We will stand, it will never be allowed to succeed.

Twitter has helped us to see who will divide and who will encourage unity. While all the world leaders were sending condolences and compassionate expressions of support their was one who sought to divide for his own gain. This man was quick to attack the Mayor of London - a man busy helping his people, with no time for childish bullying. That country leader did so for his personal gain, hoping it would influence the 'Muslim ban' all the USA courts have so far rejected. He is beyond words to describe despicable.

The war is not between the hard working civilians and citizens living in their countries. This war is one of power and extremism by those wishing for their beliefs and their doctrines to become a rule of law over many. This war starts in the minds of the powerful targeting the vulnerable people who are willing to place their trust in others. Power-mongers  who hate others because of their religious beliefs, race, gender, and social status should never be encouraged to become leaders.

Looking towards that rainbow of hope

"Somewhere over the rainbow" is a song I learnt as a child. It was a song of hope and inspiration for me then. As I listened to Ariana Grande end her benefit concert with this song my tears returned. There were others crying, and we are united in loss, love, and hope.

To all the families in Manchester, London, England and the world who have lost someone through terrorism , had loved ones injured, I cannot imagine what you are going through. From my Caribbean island looking in just needed to say, you are not alone as you mourn. You are not alone as your tears fall from eyes swollen with pain. You are not alone ever.

So here is 'Somewhere over the rainbow' from ' One Love Manchester' :

and I just have to share this one because it says it all also;

You will never walk alone. This is the Liverpool Team song. Sprung from tragedy to strength, and hope.

Terrorism will never be allowed to win in this world. We will stand up to the extremists of all types. Hate will never win. Love will prevail!

Credits: YouTube , Gerry & The Pacemakers: You will never walk alone
Variety: Ariana Grande- 'Somewhere Over The Rainbow' -One Love Manchester benefit concert
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Dwordslayer, 2017

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