Wednesday, 19 April 2017

We Do Not Make Forever

Just thinking out loud...

There are many times we wait for tomorrow. It is not promised. We may wait for life to change and become more palatable sometimes. Then, there are moments when we wait longingly for hope to step in and make all the changes we desire. Hope is waiting for the future. To wait means standing still and allowing 'hope' to take charge. No matter how you spin it, the future is something we may never see.

Yet we believe that change can happen, and we hope that tomorrow will happen today. Then, time passes. We grow older. Our expectations and wishes may come to fruition or the waiting game will continue.

As you read my words I'm sure you are waiting for the subject of this post. Every word that passes should take you to 'what is this all about'. If this is your thought, you have experienced the subject. It is about time. It is about our forevers which can be happening as we speak in real time.

I've been waiting for my kids to grow up. Waiting to get married. Waiting to attain that Ph.D., waiting for all my family problems to be solved. Waiting, waiting , waiting in motion. Doing what I believe is my part, but waiting for the more to come. I'm waiting to give that big donation, and waiting to go to do missionary work, waiting for everything to be in its perfect time. What is a perfect time?

We do not make forever, but we are blessed beyond what is measurable with today. Today, I will stop waiting in motion. Today is my forever, and its your forever. I thank God for today. He holds all the forevers, and everyday I get to experience one!

Make use of your today. Cherish your today, because in it you have found forever

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